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$99 SSL

We'll issue and install your SSL for a one-time fee

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The button above directs you to a secure page to make a one-time payment of $99. We'll follow-up with you shortly after your payment is processed.

How much is the SSL?

Our team will install an SSL certificate on your website for $99. This is a one-time fee.

How long does the SSL installation take?

With the current workload about 24-48 hours.

Why do I need an SSL certificate?

To remove the “Note Secure” warning that your website visitors see in the Google Chrome browser URL bar. This is a recent (July 2018) update by Google Chrome to make the web more secure and nudge business owners to encrypt their website with an SSL certificate.

How to Fix Google Chrome Not Secure Website Message

SSL certificates are a pain to issue and install. Our team has been doing it since 2001, yet we still have to jump through all of the verification hoops and technical headaches like everyone else. We’ve just gotten more efficient at it. If you would like us to save you the headaches by installing one for you, please complete the form above and make a payment.

We will issue and install your SSL certificate for an ONE-TIME fee of $99. With our SSL installation you pay only once and then the SSL automatically renews without a charge. This is unlike traditional SSL certificate providers like GoDaddy ($74.99 yearly) and Comodo ($99.99 yearly) where you have to pay to renew yearly and deal with the headaches of managing the installation.

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