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Our Team

Turn Our Creativity Into Your Business Advantage

For 17 years most of us have been working in web marketing — staring at computers, squeezing our creative juices, collaborating on web projects and producing a positive ROI for clients. We are project managers, writers, designers, coders, SEOs, marketers and optimizers. We invite you to click on our photos below for a quick introduction.


"Project managing large teams to get development tasks done on time and in budget is my sweet spot."

- Dan F.


"I enjoy spinning ideas into designs that really connect with people and earn results for clients."

- John K.


"I enjoy visually explaining information that really educates people...forcing people & Google to view my clients as experts."

- Jeff F.


"I take care of social media, listings, reviews etc... It's fun and challenging to  manage all of the activities and people involved. I make sure we're getting things done on time without sacrificing quality."

- Sheila A.


“Online marketing is a powerful tool. It enables you to share / target your message to a very specific audience. I enjoy helping clients leverage that tool for business growth.”

– Vince T.


"I love putting things under a new light to see if there are different ways to get results...then figuring out how to make those results happen."

- Christine O.


"I love transforming complex ideas and thoughts into beautiful and functional user interface designs and graphics."

- Drasko S.


"I have two passions in life: my family and the web development. I am a perfectionist developer focused on code excellence and best practices."

- Alex D.


"My day is spent editing images and posting final product to client sites.
I enjoy communicating with clients."

- Phyllis K.


"Meeting new Business Owners and finding ways for our Firm to make them the best online business they can be. "

- James S.


"I love providing captivating, informative content that really draws readers into my clients' sites."

- Karen M.


I am very much a lefty (brainer, that is). I thrive in the details of executing action plans. "

- Amber K.